College Directory

Takington Newman



Associate Professor; Director, Sport Social Work Research Lab
Patterson Office Tower #1827

Alma Mater

The Ohio State University – PhD in Social Work, Master of Science in Kinesiology – Sport Management

University of Michigan – Master of Social Work (School Social Worker Specialization

Central Michigan University – Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Minor Human Nutrition, Athlete Coaching Endorsement (Physical Education and Sport)

Areas of Expertise

  • Critical Positive Youth Development
  • Youth Sport
  • Normative & Social Justice Life Skills
  • Coach Education
  • Sport Social Work
  • Qualitative Research Methods


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Current Projects

  • College Student-Athlete & Coach Mental Health
  • Social Justice Promotion in High School Athletics
  • International Youth Sport
  • Sport Social Work

Get to Know

Dr. Newman is committed to serving youth (ages 10-24) who are socially vulnerable and/or at-risk for behavioral and mental health concerns. Their research focuses on promoting critical positive youth development through sport and physical activity, specifically related to the development and transfer of normative life skills (e.g., emotional regulation, teamwork, leadership) and social justice life skills (e.g., antiracism, LGBTQ+ allyship, healthy masculinity, mental health literacy).