If you are needing assistance and are not part of the College of Social work, please contact your college’s instructional designer or the Office of E-Learning here.

As always, if you have any issues or questions about these resources, please contact Jason Johnston. He is available for Canvas tech support at the following contact points and training/consultation by appointment. Click here to see Jason’s Video Tutorials and e-Learning Lunch archives directed toward faculty and instructors. 

677 Patterson Office Tower


Jason Paul Johnston Educator Pedagogical Consultant Canvas Expert, University of Kentucky College of Social Work, Training Resource Center, UKCOSW, TRC, Instructure Training, E-learning expert, Instructional designer
E-Learning / Teaching Workshops: College of Social Work Only


In a quest for continual improvement, Jason will be holding e-learning and teaching workshops to address technical issues & training in regards to Canvas and applying best practices in e-Learning. Any staff, full-time or part-time instructors are free to come – no signup necessary. Bring your own lunch, some drinks will be provided. They will regularly take place in the Patterson 6th floor conference room unless otherwise noted.

More workshops to come. Thought of another good topic? Please ask!

In the meantime – check out Jason’s Youtube Channel


Previous Sessions:

Mon Aug 22 (12-12:45) “Intro to Canvas” or “What? I’m teaching a hybrid course in Canvas? What is that?”
Quickly navigate, know how to interact with students, grade and give feedback. Quick and dirty up & running with Canvas. We will wrap up with a question period.

Wed Aug 24 (12-12:45) REPEAT -“Intro to Canvas”

Aug 31 (12-12:45) – Canvas Content Creation / Best practices in e-Learning
This is really the Intro Part II. What kinds of content can we create in Canvas? What works according to research?

Sept 7(12-12:45) – Recording and Adding Audio/Video to Canvas
How to add video using screen capturing software like Zoom, echo360, Camtasia and Screencast-o-matic (free or pro licences available). Also, adding audio or video directly to PowerPoint. Throughout we will integrate best practices for Video learning.

Sept 14 (12-12:45) – Student Interactions Online
Leveraging announcements, discussions, chat rooms and the big blue button for increased engagement and learning. Is this just a waste of time? What does research say?

Sept 21 (12-12:45) – E-Learning with Bloom’s Taxonomy
Leveraging digital tools to help our students move beyond remembering & understanding to applying & creating.

Sept 28 (12-12:45) – Becoming a Slide Presentation Jedi
An overview of essential Powerpoint Skills and introducing some other content slide tools like Prezi and Haiku Deck. Also we’ll look at some best practices in presentations and consider the “evidence-assertion” presentation model.

Oct 5 (12-12:45) – Introduction to Zoom web conferencing / screen recording
A quick introduction on how to use the new Zoom conferencing platform plus some best practices for synchronous online learning. Zoom is pretty awesome – come check it out!

Oct 12 (12-12:45) – Grading and Rubrics in Canvas
How to do it – best practices too!
Note: This e-learning lunch will be held in conference room 604

Oct 19 (12-12:45) – Working with Graphics and Files in Canvas
Practical tips on organizing, sharing and hiding your files in Canvas. Also, how to incorporate graphics for more engaging content files

Oct 26 (12-12:45) Using Canvas Course Analytics
What are the 3 main purposes of the Canvas course analytics? What can an instructor track? How to access, read and use the available information?

Nov 2 (12-12:45) Using the Big Blue Button for Synchronous classes in Canvas
What is the Big Blue Button and how do I press it? What is the purpose? Best uses in Class? How do we set up a conference?


Wed Nov 30th (12-12:45) Using Flash Cards in Canvas – the pedagogical genius of retrieval practice
Studies show how retrieval practice can boost learning. Flash cards are a tried-and-true tool for learning, especially with more lower order thinking skills like remembering and understanding. Learn how to incorporate flash card sets into your Canvas course! Even learn the secret of how it can be done with almost zero effort. Sound too good to be true? Come and find out!

Wed Dec 7th (12-12:45) The 6 Best Practices in Online Learning – How to teach effectively online
A meta-analysis and discussion from a number of “best practice” frameworks with Canvas examples.

Wed Dec 14th (12-12:45) “Intro to Canvas” or “What? I’m teaching a hybrid course in Canvas? What is that?”
A must attend workshop for new instructors! Quickly navigate, know how to interact with students, grade and give feedback. Quick and dirty up & running with Canvas. We will wrap up with a question period.

Wed Jan 4th (12-12:45) Starting Strong – The importance of beginning and organizing your online course
Beginnings are always difficulty. As we are about to start a new semester, we will explore some evidence based reasons and practical tips on how to start your hybrid/online course well for increased student success!

Thurs Dec 5th (10-2pm) in Hazard – Intro to Canvas, Zoom and all things Hybrid Classes
All part time instructors are invited to this meeting held at the UK Center For Excellence In Rural Health in Hazard Kentucky.

Tues Jan 10th (10-10:45am) Using Turnitin with Canvas
How to setup a Turnitin assignment in Canvas – What is the student’s perspective? What settings are available? Is this best practice?



University of Kentucky On Campus Support and Resources


Below are a number of resources available to the College of Social work Faculty and Staff. They are here to help and very friendly, even if you just want to stop by and see what help and resources they have available.

Office of eLearning


What they do: This office exists to help with the transition to Canvas. They hold regular training and give on campus tech support. They are particularly helpful when it is not just a Canvas question, but a problem that intersects with the UK system and Canvas.

How to connect with them:
All current contact information is here: http://www.uky.edu/elearning/whoweare

For more instructional design questions, contact: sarah.asher@uky.edu | (859) 257-8239

For more Canvas / technical issues contact: buddyhall@uky.edu | (859) 257-9046

Faculty Media Depot


What they do: Help Faculty Create Media Content

What is available:

  • Production room with Broadcast quality video recording / production
  • Either training or hands-on help (within reason)
  • Lightboard
  • Some computers
  • Room with sound isolation and mic for voice overs

Location: M.I. King Science Library, room 213H
Hours: 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. M-F
Phone: (859) 218-5574
Email: fmd@g.uky.edu.
or the manager Alex Cutadean alex.cutadean@uky.edu

Media Depot at the HUB (William Library Basement)


What they do:

Provide media creation space and resources

What is available:

  • Presentation, audio recording and green screen rooms
  • Many Mac and PC computers
  • Mostly for student use – schedule the rooms ahead of time

Faculty can request a tour by contacting KirkLaird@uky.edu or Tom.Dolan@uky.edu
Phone Number: (859) 323-1105

Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT)


What they do:

Pedagogical Consultation and Workshops

How to connect with them:
e-mail celt@uky.edu
or in person at 518 King Building (Science Library)