Doctoral Candidate Receives ISTSS Student Registration Award

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Theresia Pachner, a doctoral candidate at the College of Social Work, has received a Student Registration Award from the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS).

The award will cover the cost of registration for the ISTSS 36th Annual Meeting. These awards are competitive and priority is given to applicants whose work has been accepted for presentation at the ISTSS Annual Meeting.

Pachner will be presenting the results of a qualitative study, that explored the lived experiences of African refugee youth during the resettlement process to understand the cultural, social, and emotional needs of this vulnerable population. 

The data for Pachner’s poster presentation was collected during her research practicum with Dr. Marie-Antoinette Sossou, who is the principle investigator and co-author of the study.

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ISTSS decided to move the meeting to a completely virtual format rather than meeting in person in Atlanta. This will be the first-ever virtual ISTSS conference in the 36 years they have hosted their annual meeting.

“This will be my first time presenting at the ISTSS and at a virtual conference. Networking and connecting with other researchers and scholars will be different virtually,” Pachner said. “But I am hoping that the virtual conference will enable me to attend more sessions and talks given that the conference is now being held over the course of 10 days.”

The cost of attending the ISTSS Annual Meeting is often beyond the financial capabilities of students. Therefore, the ISTSS Student Registration Awards are offered to offset these costs when possible for a select number of students.

The ISTSS, the leading global organization promoting the advancement and exchange of knowledge about severe stress and trauma, is committed to providing professional development opportunities for students training in the field of traumatic stress.

The 36th Annual Meeting of ISTSS will provide cutting-edge presentations that highlight the most up-to-date, innovative and novel work being conducted by diverse professionals devoted to the study of traumatic stress across the globe.

Goals of the meeting are to increase discussion around the most effective ways to disseminate empirically-based assessment and treatment techniques; methods for streamlining treatments to make them easier to deliver and receive; adaptations that make interventions a better fit for diverse populations; and basic and applied science findings that can be used to make our interventions more targeted, precise, mechanistic and ultimately easier to deliver.

Taken together, a bridging of science and practice is necessary to meaningfully enhance recovery and resilience following trauma exposure in diverse settings and the 2020 ISTSS Annual Meeting aspires to showcase and promote novel and innovative work in this area.

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To learn more or to register for the 36th Annual ISTSS Meeting, visit here.

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