Andrew Duffy


Addressing Barriers to Mental Healthcare through Integrated Community Psychoeducation Groups


Although barriers to mental healthcare in the United States have been well-documented, mental health interventions have not been adequately adapted to overcome them. The result is that many individuals with mental illness continue to be deterred from accessing services that may help improve the quality and length of their lives. This presentation follows one student’s three-part capstone project designed to formulate a response to this social problem. The first part consists of systematic literature review (SLR), which establishes what interventions have been employed in the community with these barriers in mind. The second part uses a conceptual paper to explore of how learning and behavioral theories could structure an ideal community intervention. The final part of the project, the practice application paper, proposes approaching the social problem through integrated community psychoeducation groups. This presentation explores the structure and content of these groups and concludes with a discussion of key findings, suggestions for practice, and implications for future research.


Andrew Duffy was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A current doctorate of social work candidate at the University of Kentucky and a licensed clinical social worker, Andrew researches psychoeducation groups conducted in public spaces. In addition to being a student, Andrew works as a mental health therapist at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, Tulsa’s premier mental health clinic. Since graduating eight years ago with his master’s in social work from the University of Oklahoma, Andrew has led individual and group therapy with clients aged 12-89. Utilizing a variety of modalities, he has specialized training in trauma, grief, anxiety, substance abuse, and gambling addiction. This previous year Andrew led a grant-funded community project offering approximately 40 mental health classes in the library and local homeless shelter. When he is not working, Andrew enjoys volunteer work, playing soccer, and international travel.