Candace Harrell


Supporting Resilience: Integrating Reflective Practice in Field Instructor Training for BSW Students with Severe Anxiety


This presentation explores central themes in social work education, focusing primarily on Field Instructor training to support the challenges surrounding severe anxiety among Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students during their field placements. The presentation reviews various components of addressing BSW student anxiety in field education by introducing a systematic literature review, conceptual analysis, and practical application paper. These papers highlight the critical finding of the necessity of addressing severe anxiety among BSW students during their field placements, along with the lack of sufficient training for field instructors in this area. Learners can expect an overview of Integrating Critical Disability Theory (CDT) and constructionism into school policies, particularly in field instructor training, which holds significant implications for social work, encouraging crucial conversations and promoting inclusive learning environments. Furthermore, applying reflective practice, specifically reflective questions by Todd et al. (2019), engages field instructors in a method that supports students grappling with this struggle.


Candace Harrell, a Doctoral of Social Work candidate at the University of Kentucky, is a licensed master social worker in Texas. She holds the Field Education Community Coordinator position at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) School of Social Work (SSW). Candace builds and maintains meaningful agency relationships for the UTA SSW. She earned her undergraduate degree in Development and Family Studies from the University of North Texas and her Master of Social Work degree from UTA.

Candace’s research interest and capstone project focus on social work field education and field instructor training. She has four years of experience working with students as a field instructor and field liaison. Her work experience in child welfare, Head Start, school social work, and victim services has been valuable to students wanting to explore different social work environments. Candace keeps in touch with her students, and they often express appreciation for the support and skills they have had working with Candace.