Danella McIntyre

Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Qualified Supervisor

Examining Psychological Preparedness of Women Veterans for Civilian Life: A Multi-Framework Analysis


This capstone presentation examines the psychological preparedness of women veterans for civilian life through a multi-framework analysis encompassing Narrative Therapy, Intersectionality Framework, and Total Force Fitness Framework. Drawing upon these diverse lenses, the presentation delves into the nuanced experiences and challenges women veterans face as they transition from military to civilian life. The Narrative Therapy Framework explores the importance of storytelling and narrative reconstruction in understanding and addressing psychological preparedness. The Intersectionality Framework sheds light on the unique experiences of different groups of women veterans, particularly comparing the psychological outcomes of white women and black women. Furthermore, the Total Force Fitness Framework provides a holistic approach to assessing and enhancing the psychological well-being of women veterans within the broader military community. By examining disparities between women and men veterans and among different racial groups, this presentation aims to highlight the importance of tailored support services and interventions to address the diverse needs of women veterans.


Danella Denise McIntyre is a dedicated and passionate social worker with extensive clinical psychotherapy expertise and a desire for lifelong learning. Danella, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Doctor of Social Work candidate, has vast experience in individual, family, couples, and group therapy. Danella founded BrightView Center, LLC, her own psychotherapy practice, in addition to her clinical work. She provides exceptional client care by combining
clinical and business skills.

As a qualified Mental Health First Aider, she promotes mental health awareness and helps those in need. Danella is a Gottman Method Therapist Level Three, a certified clinical supervisor with a profound understanding of evidence-based therapies. Danella is a dedicated educator and mentor who helps social work students improve clinical skills in real-world situations as a field instructor. In her capstone presentation, Danella will use her extensive professional and academic
background to examine women veterans’ civilian life transitions. She is passionate about social work, and she looks forward to meaningful conversations and collaborations in her industry.

Outside of enhancing her career, Danella enjoys exercising, traveling, spending time with family, relaxing on the beach, gardening, and volunteering within her community. Danella will leave a lasting mark in social work and beyond with her unique blend of clinical expertise, academic success, and entrepreneurial zeal.