Gloria Mucker


Combating Loneliness Among Veterans Experiencing Homelessness


This capstone presentation will provide essential information on the detrimental impact of loneliness among Veterans experiencing homelessness. It will highlight the prevalence and complex needs of Veterans who are most vulnerable to loneliness. An overview of the three components of the Capstone: Systematic Literature Review, Conceptual Paper, and Application Paper will be presented. Research information on past interventions and the different strategies to combat loneliness will be discussed. A brief overview of the cognitive discrepancy approach will be described as an additional component to existing interventions that are most effective in reducing loneliness. A recommendation to incorporate Veterans’ input to provide further insight from the Veteran’s perspective on defining loneliness and developing interventions will be discussed. This presenter’s current fieldwork will be explained to illustrate the practice experience that guided the conceptualization of the practice application to create a Veterans Rap Group.


Currently works as a Grant & Per Diem (GPD) Liaison for Veterans Affairs in Louisville, Kentucky. Her practice and research interest are combating loneliness among Veterans experiencing homelessness. Mrs. Mucker assists unhoused veterans in becoming empowered with a holistic, housing-first, and unconditional regard approach so they can transition from homelessness to permanent housing expeditiously.

Mrs. Mucker is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Kentucky. She earned her Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville in 2013. She graduated from VA’s LEAD (Louisville’s Emerging Achievers in Development) Program and Greenbelt Training in 2017. She is a Retired Army Reserve Veteran. She proudly served over 22 years with two deployments (Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Mrs. Mucker has dedicated the past 13 years of her career to empowering and improving service delivery through enhanced quality of life to Veterans experiencing homelessness. She is committed to providing essential services with unconditional regard to all underprivileged populations. Mrs. Mucker is passionate about volunteering and creating positive change in communities. She is a board chair and co-facilitates a women empowerment group for Volunteers of America Mid-States. Mrs. Mucker also volunteers for Veterans programs, such as the Compassionate Contact Corps and Dance Well. Mrs. Mucker received the Group Volunteer of the Year Award (2023), Volunteer of the Year Award (2018), and VA Team Award (2017).