Jasmine Cohen-Young


Preseason Isn’t Just for Conditioning: An Interprofessional Approach to Assessing Collegiate Student-Athlete Mental Health


Collegiate athletes encounter unique stressors as they balance academic responsibilities with sports participation, often prioritizing athletic success over their mental well-being. This capstone project addresses the critical need for comprehensive mental health support within collegiate athletics, particularly for athletes facing compounded stressors. The capstone project consists of three scholarly products to enhance mental health assessment and support for collegiate student-athletes. Firstly, a Systematic Literature Review was conducted to identify mental health screening tools tailored for collegiate athletes. While several tools were found, further research is needed to broaden the empirical data supporting their efficacy. Secondly, a Conceptual Paper proposes an expansive framework for clinical practice in sport social work, integrating systems theory, ecological perspectives, and strengths perspectives. This framework addresses college athletes’ unique challenges and risks, promoting their mental health and overall well-being. Lastly, a Practice Application Paper outlines an interprofessional approach to assessing collegiate student-athlete mental health. This approach, detailed in a comprehensive consultancy guide, advocates for integrating empirically tested assessments and positive psychology elements. It also aims to enhance NCAA Mental Health Best Practices, ensuring standardized and proactive mental health care for college athletes. By implementing these initiatives, the mental well-being of collegiate student-athletes is prioritized, recognizing that their psychological health is as essential as their physical health.


Jasmine Cohen-Young is a dynamic professional with expertise in clinical social work, psychotherapy, and sport social work. As the founder of Mindz Matter, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to bridging mental health gaps for youth and college athletes, she focuses on underserved Black and Brown communities. Jasmine also serves as a civilian for the Army (DoD/DHA), supporting active-duty servicemembers, whom she sees as “America’s Athletes.” Her research at the University of Kentucky focuses on college athletes’ mental health, proposing an interprofessional approach to assessment and treatment. Jasmine’s work includes a systematic literature review, a conceptual framework for sports social workers, and a consultancy guide for college athletics stakeholders. She has presented at the National DSW Conference and is committed to advocacy, serving as President of the Association of Black Social Workers at the University of Kentucky and being a member of the Alliance of Sports Social Workers. Jasmine holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Rollins College and a master’s in social work from the University of Central Florida. She is a military spouse, married to Corporal Marcus Young III, and a proud parent of two children.