Jason Cox


Promoting Supportive Learning Environments for Non-Traditional Social Work Students: A Student-Centered Approach for Higher Education Programs


Social work education programs strive to educate students to serve and empower others, which requires a rigorous, competence-based, obtainable, and applicable education. To provide robust educational opportunities, it is essential that social work faculty understand the student population being taught. Unfortunately, adult social work students are an understudied and poorly understood segment of the social work student population. This presentation seeks to present current knowledge on the needs of non-traditional social work students as it correlates to existing literature. Moreover, the discussion identifies key conceptual concepts such as strengths, trauma sensitivity, and resilience and how these primary tenets complement adult learning and transformational learning theories. To create a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment for adult learners in social work education programs, the presentation proposes a faculty training program to increase faculty knowledge and encourage faculty to understand and support the adult population of social work students. The overarching purpose of this presentation is to provide a foundational basis for furthering adult social work student support.


Jason Cox, a resident of Memphis, Tennessee, is an accomplished social worker with over 20 years of experience. He received his Bachelor of Social Work from Union University in 2002 and a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee in 2005. Currently, he is a DSW Candidate at the University of Kentucky College of Social Work.

Jason has extensive experience in multiple levels of social work practice. Jason’s professional experience began in clinical practice, where he gained experience in acute psychiatric stabilization and dual diagnosis treatment. He has also directed and grown a nonprofit working with urban children and families for over 15 years.
Currently, as an Assistant Professor at Union University, Jason is a devoted educator passionate about social work education who draws from his diverse professional background. He is a member of the Phi-Alpha and the National Society of Leadership and Success honor societies, a testament to his leadership skills and academic excellence.

Throughout his career, Jason has been deeply committed to promoting supportive learning environments for social work students. As a researcher, his interests include social work education, leadership, trauma histories among social work students, and student support, specifically adult learners. His capstone project, “Promoting Supportive Learning Environments for Non-Traditional Social Work Students: A Student-Centered Approach for Higher Education Programs,” is a testament to his commitment to this cause.

Jason is a committed educator deeply dedicated to promoting social work education and cultivating a supportive learning environment for all social work students.