Jessica Figueroa-Meme


Mandatory Mental Health Screenings for Healthcare Providers: A Comprehensive Approach to Elevating Healthcare Ecosystems


This presentation underscores the critical need to prioritize the mental well-being of healthcare providers by implementing mandatory mental health screenings in healthcare settings. It highlights the heightened risks faced by healthcare workers due to extended working hours, high levels of stress, and repeated exposure to trauma and how these issues can compromise the quality of patient care. In response to these challenges, the presentation introduces a comprehensive mental health screening toolkit tailored to healthcare professionals. This toolkit enables early identification, efficient management, and preventive measures for mental health conditions. By promoting this approach, the presentation advocates for a transformative healthcare culture that recognizes the crucial role of mental health in the success of healthcare professionals and their patients. The goal is to foster a supportive and resilient healthcare environment, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and reduced workforce turnover.


Jessica Figueroa-Meme, LCSW-S, is a seasoned social worker and program manager with a 15-year track record in mental health and substance abuse treatment. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Barry University, with a minor in French. Jessica is pursuing her Doctor of Social Work degree at the University of Kentucky, focusing on Management and Administrative Leadership, with an expected completion in May 2024.

Her research interests lie in the areas of mental health, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, intimate partner violence, and the well-being of healthcare professionals. Jessica’s passion for improving access to mental health services is evident in her doctoral capstone project, which explores the implementation of mandatory mental health screenings for healthcare providers. This aligns with her broader research interests, aiming to address individual and systemic challenges within the healthcare system. As the Recovery Program Manager at the El Paso VA Health Care System, she leads several initiatives that focus on the well-being and reintegration of veterans. Jessica‚Äôs contributions have earned her leadership roles in the National Social Work Leadership Council and the National Section 508 Subcommittee in the VA, with her work featured in KTEP TED Radio Hour and the El Paso VA Newsletter.