Kayla McRae


Exploring the effects that domestic violence has on children: The role of the social worker in promoting healing, empowerment, and social change.


This presentation, ” titled “The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children and the Role of the Social Workers,” encapsulates a comprehensive study conducted in three distinct sections. It effectively outlines the critical background information concerning the issue of domestic violence(DV) and underscores the pivotal roles of social workers. While the presentation offers a broad overview, the detailed specifics are delved into accompanying research papers. The first section addresses the problem of DV and elucidates the roles involved. This section delves into the origins and repercussions of domestic violence on children’s lives, as well as the responsibilities entrusted to social workers. The subsequent section comprises a systematic literature review focusing on the topics at hand, consolidating findings from both past and present studies. This section provides insights into the evolution of the issue within the US, documented impacts, and implemented interventions. The third section consist of the conceptual paper. It also presents trauma-based programs designed to assist children , suitable for implementation within social work organizations. The final section explores the difficulties social workers face in acquiring adequate volunteer resources and labor to support their initiatives. Furthermore, it sheds light on a commonly overlooked challenge social workers face: acquiring adequate volunteer resources and labor. Specific strategies aimed at enhancing volunteerism are discussed in detail. Finally, the presentation outlines actionable steps forward based on the significant findings gleaned from the study.


Kayla McRae, originally from a small town known as Choctaw County, Alabama, is a dedicated professional with a passion for social work. She completed her secondary education at Choctaw County High School in Butler, Alabama, before embarking on her academic journey. Kayla earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Alabama State University, laying the foundation for her commitment to empowering individuals and communities. Building on her undergraduate studies, she pursued her Master of Social Work degree at The University of Alabama, further honing her expertise in the field.

Currently, Kayla is a Doctoral Candidate at The University of Kentucky, focusing her research on the profound impacts of domestic violence on children. She explores the pivotal role of social workers in fostering healing, empowerment, and societal change in the the face of this pervasive issue. In her professional capacity, Kayla serves as a Lead Counselor at Behavioral Health Group in Bessemer, Alabama, where she utilizes her skills and knowledge to support individuals on their journey to wellness. Residing in Birmingham, Alabama, Kayla remains deeply committed to advocating for the well-being of vulnerable populations and effecting positive change in her community and beyond.