Megan O’Brien


The Influence of Social Stigma on Treatment Outcomes for Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors: A Comprehensive Approach


Childhood sexual abuse is a global concern that affects many of our youth. The social stigma that is attached to childhood sexual abuse is shown to have a negative impact upon a victim’s wellbeing as well as the effectiveness of treatment methods. This presentation explores the effects of social stigma and how it effects victims once the abuse is no longer occurring. Barriers to treatment will be discussed, as well as current stigmas, perceptions, and myths surrounding childhood sexual abuse. Finally a comprehensive educational program is discussed as a solution to combat social stigma, thus creating positive outcomes for victims of childhood sexual abuse.


Megan O’Brien is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in clinical social work, specializing in addressing the needs of children and families. Megan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development as well as a Master of Social Work, both from the University of Georgia. Currently serving as a school social
worker within the Hall County School District in Georgia, Megan works to bridge the gaps between the needs for all students and families to ensure students’ success. In addition to her work within the school district, Megan is the owner and lead clinician at Megan O’Brien Counseling, LLC, where she provides personalized therapeutic services to adolescents and young adults who are experiencing various challenges. Her collaborative approach and evidence-based interventions have helped numerous clients navigate through difficult times and achieve positive outcomes. Megan’s research interests focus on childhood sexual abuse and the influence of social stigma on treatment outcomes. As a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, she is actively engaged in advancing knowledge and outcomes for this population
through education and advocacy endeavors.