Niara Morrow


Addressing Racial Disparities in Maternal Healthcare: Development of a Culturally Competent Model of Care


The existing body of scholarly literature conducts a comprehensive investigation into many historical incidents that provide evidence of the presence of racism in the fields of healthcare and health research. It is concerning that there has been a constant increased trend in morbidity and mortality rates among Black women in the United States. This pattern suggests that there has been an increase in unfavorable consequences for the health of mothers. There is compelling evidence to show that a sizeable proportion of cases of maternal mortality may have been avoided via the implementation of suitable preventive interventions at the appropriate times. The implementation of treatment procedures cannot be universally applied to African Americans due to the distinctiveness of their experiences. Regrettably, there is a lack of sufficient utilization of culturally sensitive approaches in aiding those of African descent. To engage in culturally competent practice, it is imperative to possess a critical understanding of the cultural values and traditions of the client, as well as acknowledge the multifaceted nature of social identities. The successful execution of this undertaking necessitates the prioritizing of the perspectives and lived realities of staff members, patients, and communities who have been subjected to racialization. The purpose of this presentation is to explore and address the impact that racial inequalities have on the maternal healthcare available to Black women.


Niara Morrow is a social worker who is extremely skilled and enthusiastic about her profession. She has experience in a variety of fields, including mental health, care management, and child welfare, and corrections. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Social Work from Ohio University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Cincinnati. Niara is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, where she is pursuing studies a Doctor of Social Work degree with a concentration in leadership and administration.

As the owner and founder of Conscious Crown Counseling, which is based in Ohio, Niara specializes in providing mental health services to expectant mothers. She is skilled in offering individuals who are struggling with mental health issues with empathic assistance and direction while also ensuring that they are connected to care and support that is culturally appropriate. She is presently focusing her efforts on researching maternal health care, health inequalities, and racial disparities, with a particular emphasis on her capstone thesis, which is titled Addressing Racial Disparites in Maternal Healthcare: Development of a Culturally Competent Model of Care. Niara has a profound commitment to the advancement of social justice and equality, and she works diligently to make a difference that has an impact in the lives of the people she serves.