Nicole Fox


Whispers of Revolution: Cultivating Anti-Racist Advocacy Skills in Undergraduate Social Work Students


This presentation aims to establish a conceptual framework for training social work students in advocacy, specifically focusing on the social justice issue of racism and its impact on health inequalities. The two Social Work Grand Challenges relevant to this research issue are the eradication of racism and the reduction of health disparities. In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of systematic oppression and the ways in which anti-racist educational practices might address it; the framework integrates Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality Theory, and Critical Pedagogy. This culminates in the development of supplemental curricular guides that are used to teach students anti-racist advocacy skills and have the ability to reduce bias and enhance health equity. These curricular guides encompass methodologies applicable in educational settings and interactive seminars. By putting a priority on the incorporation of a wide range of viewpoints and experiences into the curriculum, social work schools have the potential to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups and promote this advocacy model. This concept has the ability to foster increased collaboration and critical reflection not only among students but also within the communities that they are a part of.       The impact of this presentation for social work practitioners future practice includes improved ability to think critically in order to analyze and confront racist practices and systems. Foster a commitment to continued study and participation in anti-racist action, as well as cultivate empathy and cultural awareness toward a variety of different communities.


Nicole Fox is a licensed social worker with over 25 years of experience. Throughout her career, she’s enjoyed serving others in health care, mental health, and public health settings. Ms. Fox is currently a Family Service Coordinator at a top-performing organ procurement organization, where she works to save lives by honoring the gift of organ and tissue donation.

Ms. Fox is a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky. Her capstone project focuses on health equity and how social workers can impact change as it relates to health disparities caused by racism. Ms. Fox is dedicated to advancing the field of social work through education and research. She is committed to empowering the next generation of social workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the lives of marginalized communities. Her research and training are fueled by an overwhelming passion that is grounded by her own interactions and experiences with healthcare systems.

Ms. Fox earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Wichita State University and a Master of Social Work from Newman University. Anti-racist social work practice, increasing patient and caregiver support services, and resilience in social work students are a few of her research interests. Nicole is a member of the UK College of Social Work’s chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society, and the National Association of Black Social Workers. She also serves as a board member on the Kansas Infant Death and SIDS Network, Board of Directors.