Sidrah Khan


Beyond the Badge: Understanding the Functions and Effects of School Resource Officers in K-12 Schools


This capstone presentation comprehensively explores the role of School Resource Officers (SROs) in K-12 educational settings. In recent years, the presence and functions of SROs have become subjects of increasing concern and scrutiny, reflecting a broader societal debate about policing in the United States. This study aims to shed light on the multifaceted responsibilities and potential impact of SROs in the context of K-12 schools. Through academic research and policy analysis, this presentation explores the historical development of SRO programs, their current roles and responsibilities, and their influence on the school environment. In addition, this presentation examines the various roles SROs may play, from law enforcement and security provision to mentoring and support for students. It also investigates how SROs interact with students, teachers, and administrators and the potential implications for school climate and student well-being. Moreover, this capstone presentation delves into the complex dynamics of power, race, and community perceptions surrounding SROs in educational settings. The findings of this capstone provide valuable insights into the ongoing debate over the presence and role of SROs in K-12 schools. This research contributes to a nuanced understanding of the issues by presenting a balanced view of their functions and potential consequences. It underscores the importance of evidence-based decision-making to create safe and inclusive school environments that promote all students’ well-being and educational success.


Ms. Khan, a dedicated Doctoral Candidate at the University of Kentucky, holds a Master of Social
Work with a Clinical focus from Kennesaw State University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
from Georgia State University. Currently serving as a School Social Worker at Henry County Schools, Ms. Khan is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in strategic planning, crisis management, and achieving organizational goals.

As a Doctoral Candidate, Ms. Khan is immersed in research exploring innovative approaches to trauma-informed care in educational settings, aligning with their commitment to fostering empathy, service, and continuous progress. Recognizing the essential role of School Resource Officers (SRO) in K-12 schools, it is paramount to understand the intricate functions and far-reaching effects of SROs on students, educators, and communities. Their capstone project delves into optimizing trauma-informed practices for enhanced student well-being.

Ms. Khan is an active member of the School Social Workers Association of Georgia (SSWAG) and serves as a State Secretary and a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Recognized for their outstanding contributions, they received the Education Support Personnel of the Year award from Henry County Schools in 2021. Ms. Khan is part of Henry County School’s inaugural Community Leadership Academy, developed from the board’s unwavering commitment to facilitate community engagement.

Committed to advancing the field of social work, Ms. Khan looks forward to contributing valuable insights and transformative strategies to the academic community while continuing to impact the well-being of students and families positively.