Tammy Howard


Reclaiming Power and Healing: Exploring the Resilience of African American Women After Historical Trauma


This presentation will delve into the resilience of African American women in the face of historical trauma, examining how their experiences of racism, oppression, and intergenerational trauma have shaped their ability to endure and thrive. We will explore the unique challenges and strengths that African American women bring to the table, considering factors such as community support, cultural pride, and resistance strategies that contribute to their resilience. By unpacking the historical context of systemic injustices and the ongoing impact on mental health and well-being, we will highlight the resilience strategies that have enabled African American women to navigate adversity and create sources of empowerment. Through a blend of research insights, personal narratives, and empowerment frameworks, this presentation aims to shed light on the nuanced intersection of historical trauma, race, and gender, ultimately emphasizing the importance of culturally relevant interventions and support systems for fostering resilience and healing in this population.


Tammy Howard is a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished academic background, holding Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), Master of Social Work (MSW), and Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degrees. She currently serves as the Director of Resident Support at the Athens Housing Authority. Tammy’s primary research interest centers around resilience and intersectionality, with a specific focus on exploring the resilience of African American women amid historical trauma. Notably, her Capstone topic is dedicated to studying this important subject. Tammy’s academic excellence is recognized through her membership in the prestigious Phi Alpha Honor Society, highlighting her dedication to excellence and leadership in the field of social work.