Tatyana Kitchen


Sis, I Can Relate: Examining the Benefits of Impactful Relationships of African American Women in Clinical Supervision


This presentation highlights the lack of recognition for the importance of African American women in academic research and practical application in clinical social work. This matter is often disregarded because of the prevalence of cross-cultural clinical supervision. Strong and durable relationships lead to advancements in critical areas of clinical supervision, such as professional growth, cultural sensitivity, interpersonal communication, and power dynamics. Introducing a new perspective by integrating cultural responsiveness and relationship-building frameworks, such as the Black Feminist Theory and the Relational-Cultural Theory, the Intracultural Feminist Clinical Supervision Approach offers a unique approach. This method deals with concerns such as countertransference, transference, burnout, compassion fatigue, and other adverse occurrences that can occur in clinical supervisory relationships. The content discusses the implications and recommendations for social work, emphasizing the creation of a toolkit with exercises, evaluations, educational information, and advocacy at various levels of social work practices—micro, mezzo, and macro levels, and how this framework can be applied to other racial-ethnic groups.


Tatyana Kitchen, MSW, LCSW Tatyana Kitchen, originally from Waycross, Georgia, graduated with distinction from Savannah State University in 2019, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology. Fuelled by her passion for social work, she pursued and attained a Master of Social Work degree from her alma mater in 2022. During her academic tenure, Tatyana gained invaluable experience as a graduate assistant and teaching assistant in the Department of Social Work, working closely with esteemed professionals like Dr. Catherine Gayle. Dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, Tatyana diligently pursued certifications in Forensic Social Work, Forensic Interviewing, and older adult crime tactic specialist. Her dedication to excellence resulted in her receiving master social worker licensure in South Carolina and Georgia and a clinically conditional license from the State of Maine. Tatyana’s professional journey commenced in Savannah, where she served as a school-based therapist and behavioral health social worker at Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Center. Transitioning to Augusta, Georgia, she provided compassionate care as a social worker at Gentiva Hospice, supporting patients and families facing terminal illnesses. Subsequently, she joined the Augusta Veterans Affairs Health System, specializing in outpatient and discharge planning for various medical clinics. Beyond her clinical roles, Tatyana demonstrated exceptional leadership within Sisters Striving for Excellence, Inc., serving in key positions such as National Executive Director, Co-Director, and Standards and Committee Director. Miss Kitchen is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Kentucky.