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Nurturing Parenting: Praising Children & Their Behavior

May 23, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Praise can be a compliment, gesture, facial expression, or form of gentle touch, like hugs or high fives that promote feelings of self-pride, worth and accomplishment in others. Praise is a helpful parenting practice that gives children positive feedback. When done properly, it is an effective way to manage behaviors and increase self-esteem. Offering children praise can help to increase feelings of competence and confidence in themselves and their behavior. During this training parents will:

  • Learn about the types of praise
  • Learn how praise helps children feel good about themselves
  • Practice using praise

Research shows that the strongest protective factor linked with resilience to childhood trauma is the reliable presence of a sensitive, nurturing, and responsive adult. Learning to offer praise can establish a sense of connectedness, nurturance, trust and reliability for parents. Offering praise appropriately, can be an effective tool for building resiliency.


This event has been approved for ongoing, elective training credit for Kentucky foster parents. Though this training is delivered virtually, the training fulfills the face-to-face, group setting requirement. A reliable internet connection and computer/ smartphone with webcam are required.