Skills Trainer for Project SEARCH

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1.        Teaches the essential tasks/duties/core skills of the job to the Project SEARCH intern

a.        Each skills trainer is assigned several students and will provide individual support depending on each intern and job task needs

b.        Because the goal is independence, the skills trainer builds natural supports and reduces the amount of time spent with each intern as core skills are developed

2.        Participates in skills trainer training (Project SEARCH training through Project SEARCH- Cincinnati, Project SEARCH Academy online training, and SETP Training through HDI) and continual professional development

3.        Able to inform interns and their parents about the effects of work on social security benefits, and arrange meetings between the interns and social security benefits specialist.

4.        Works with instructor to assess student skills and gather baseline data

5.        Works with business liaison, department managers, instructor and fellow skills trainers to develop internship sites, write job descriptions, task lists, job analysis and plan for necessary modifications for the internships and competitive jobs

6.        Works with managers and co-workers to educate on disability awareness

7.        Reinforces employability skills and assists intern to understand and interpret work culture

8.        Assists in training intern in interview process (unique to each host business) in order for interns to gain both internships and competitive positions

9.        Learns the internship duties and makes any modifications (label cabinets, simplifies written instructions, etc.) necessary to the successful completion of the job

10.   Attends job orientation with the intern and clarifies information with the intern as necessary

11.   Coordinates travel training for interns to learn to utilize public transportation

12.   Teaches safe practices according to the work environment

13.   Models appropriate workplace behavior

14.   Works with manager to determine new skills as intern gains competencies and confidence

15.   Meets with the manager and peer mentor regularly to discuss issues and solve problems

16.   Assesses student progress and gives feedback to intern and team members

17.   Completes necessary evaluations, reports and other documentation

18.   Provides new internship ideas to the team

19.   Investigates alternative methods of long-term support such as Ticket-To-Work or PASS plans for those not eligible

20.   Other duties as may be assigned.

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