Case Manager – Adults Downtown




1. Conducts and documents comprehensive assessment of client and/or client’s needs.

2. Participates in development of client’s service plan, consistent with assessment.

3. Arranges for delivery of needed services, as identified in assessment.

4. Assists client in accessing needed services through, for example, referrals or linkages.

5. Monitors client’s progress by making referrals, tracking client’s appointments, performing follow-up on services rendered, and performing periodic reassessments of client’s changing needs.

6. Performs advocacy activities on behalf of client (e. g., writing letters to expedite entitlement payments, encouraging client or family members to advocate on own behalf).

7. Prepares and maintains case records documenting contacts, services needed, reports, client’s progress, etc., in accordance with SCS and regulatory standards.

8. Provides case consultation (i. e., consulting with service providers/collaterals in determining client’s status and progress).

9. Communicates with supervisor about issues related to case management, resourcing, service collaboration, and development of new resources.

10. Provides psychosocial education to clients and/or family members to increase their understanding of client’s illness, physical condition, or social situation.



· Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Human Services, or related field as approved by Medicaid, or as required by applicable funding source.

· Completion of state-required case management/service coordination course within six months of date of employment.




ADULT DIVISION: At least one (1) year of full-time employment experience post Bachelor’s working directly with adults or ACT population (with direct daily contact) in a human service setting, with relevant Master’s degree, no experience.

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