MSW Student Earns Degree from Spain

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Earning your Master of Social Work degree (MSW) from the College of Social Work (CoSW) at the University of Kentucky (UK) is obtainable regardless of your location. With the 100% online format, students from around the world have access to a world-class education – including the experience and benefits that come with the in-person format.

While many students in the CoSW hail from Kentucky and other locations throughout the United States, one student, Tasha Kozak, is earning her MSW while living in Spain.

Tasha moved to Spain in 2017 to work for a cultural exchange education program within the public school system. Knowing that she wanted to advance her social work career, Tasha found the UK online MSW program. Finding a program that was both accredited in the U.S. and whose credentials could transfer over for any potential work in Europe was a great advantage.

“From the admissions process to my coursework, the UK staff and professors have been an invaluable source of support,” Tasha said.

And she continues to receive that same support throughout the program.

An essential component of the curriculum of UK’s MSW is the Field Education Program, which prepares students to engage with different communities as they develop proficiency within the social work core competencies while gaining professional practice.

Students work closely with program coordinators to identify and secure internship opportunities that provide supportive and positive learning environments. As a result, students will procure valuable, real-world experience to bolster their career options as they enter the field upon graduation.

For Tasha, that meant working with her field advisors in coordinating a practicum placement with the Red Cross of Spain, which she said is sure to expand both her learning and opportunities within the international social work sphere.

“I look forward to the doors it will open as I complete my MSW and move on to pursue my LCSW working with vulnerable populations,” she said.

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