The Office of Child Welfare Evaluation, Support, and Technology provides essential research, evaluation, and support activities to regional, state, and national child welfare partners. OCWEST provides real-time, solution-driven services, consultation, and recommendations for improving child and family outcomes through research, evaluation, and technology utilization. Faculty and staff provide expert consultation and implementation support in research areas such as methodology selection, data analyses, data interpretation, and report writing. Additionally, OCWEST faculty and staff serve as research and evaluation advisors to public and private child welfare partners in order to assess and further develop an agency’s overall research and evaluation capacity. OCWEST focuses on employing translational science modalities to help child welfare organizations further their mission to build high quality community based human service systems by reducing the gap between child welfare research and practice.


KSTEP & START Community Process Assessment (CPS)

KSTEP & START Community Process Assessment (CPS)

Substance misuse has had a crippling impact on children and families in Kentucky. In response, Kentucky
has implemented programming to proffer services to families experiencing substance misuse. This
project assesses community processes and impacts associated with implementing these services.
The project employs participatory methodological processes aimed at assessing avenues for
programming conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation. This includes assessing community
collaboration frameworks, network strengths/needs, and areas for consideration/examination in
statewide implementation.

Tracking Transitions

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