Q&A with Shauna Kitts

Undergraduate student Shauna Kitts was recently announced as one of the 31 new 2020 Chellgren Student Fellows. Kitts, a first-generation student in the College of Social Work, is the first social work student in nearly 10 years to be a part of the prestigious student fellowship that will prepare her for the next phase of her career, where it takes her.

Read her Q&A below to learn more about her.

Q: What made you want to apply to be a Chellgren Student Fellow?

Shauna: I really wanted to diversify my resume by adding research experience. It is one of the most important things in my eyes to have in college.

Q: What type of project will you be pursuing while being a Chellgren Student Fellow?

Shauna: I am a mentee on a Self-Care project with a super special person here in the College of Social Work! We are looking at the self-care practices of television journalists.

Q: Who is your UK Mentor? (The cornerstone of the program is a faculty mentoring component in which students pursue individual scholarly projects under the supervision of a UK faculty member.) 

Shauna: Dean Miller!!!!!!!

Q: What do you hope to achieve from being a Chellgren Student Fellow?

Shauna: I am really hoping to gain a strong support network for my career.

Q: How do you think your participation as a Chellgren Student Fellow will benefit you in the BASW program?

Shauna: I think it will benefit me because it something more than required. It is an interesting experience that few people in the program have, so I am delighted to have this outside experience to complement my studies.

Q: What would you like to do with your BASW?

Shauna: I hope to one day be a school social worker at the high school I graduated from.

Q: Do you have any plans on pursuing an MSW/PhD?

Shauna: Absolutely! I’m hoping to do the University Scholars Program here and then return to UK for my masters as soon as possible!

Q: As far as we could research, it appears that you are the first social work student since 2010 to become a Chellgren Student Fellow. Do you think more social work undergraduate students should apply for this opportunity and why?

Shauna: Absolutely!!! I didn’t know that I was the first in that long! It is so important to be involved in your education and that means more than going to class and getting good grades. I implore my peers to seek experiences that benefit them in every facet of life – including undergraduate research.