Neonatal Intensive Care Among Queer Families

Faculty partners: Aubrey Jones, PhD, MSW; Rachel Farr, PhD; Olivia Yinger, PhD, MT-BC; Keisa Fallin-Bennett, MD, MPH

Despite the growth in research regarding LGBTQ+ parenting, there is still limited knowledge regarding the needs of LGBTQ+ parents which can lead to non-inclusive hospital policies. For example, required staff trainings focus on cisgender experiences of childbirth, infant feeding practices, and infant care, and can unintentionally exclude the experiences Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE) parents making the transition to parenthood potentially more stressful. Neonatal clinicians and family advocates have identified SOGIE and family status as factors related to disparities in NICU quality of care.

Parenting in the NICU is stressful and puts any parents at risk for health issues. Coupled with the added discrimination facing LGBTQ+ parents, we assert that LGBTQ+ parents/families are at higher risk for deleterious health outcomes associated with their infant’s admittance into a NICU, thus predicating the need for our study. A first step to addressing health disparities is to better understand these experiences. Guided by the goal of health equity for LGBTQ+ families, the purpose for our study is to explore the experiences of LGBTQ+ parents in the NICU and identify the needs of these parents including but not limited to potential support services/interventions while their infants are in the NICU.

15-17 identify as LGBTQ+ in the US
0 %
of the 11 million LGBTQ+ adults in the US are rearing children
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Article Coming Soon!

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