Research Assistance Request Form

The Associate Dean for Research (ADR) office seeks to provide exceptional research support for the scholarly needs of regular and visiting faculty members at the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. All research assistance service requests are handled by an appointed student research assistant (RA) under the direction of Interim Associate Dean for Research Dr. Julie Cerel. Dr. Cerel will develop research strategies for the RA and guarantee that faculty requests are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Consulting with Dr. Cerel may save the RA time and ensures that faculty members receive quality research results. Please note that the RA will be limited to working a maximum of 20 hours per week and will be unavailable during academic holidays. While the ADR office aims to respond to all faculty requests immediately, priority will be executed on a first come first serve basis.

To help the ADR office effectively manage faculty requests for research support, we ask faculty members to please:

  • Provide adequate time for the RA to respond to requests (it may not be possible for the RA to interrupt ongoing faculty research projects and other duties to handle a rush request)
  • Provide sufficient details about the information desired (e.g., specify relevant time periods, type of support, delivery formats)
  • Provide appropriate contact information in order to establish open communication

Please take the time to read all the options and questions before submitting your request so that we may assist you efficiently and successfully.

Request Form

The deadline for application submissions has passed. Thank you for your interest in the DSW program.