2023 Self-Care Summer Challenge

The 2023 event has concluded, stay tuned for future events by the College of Social Work Alumni Association.

Invest in YOU this summer!

Let’s face it: helping professionals have tough jobs. Research from the UK College of Social Work’s Self-Care Lab suggests that those working in helping professions are at higher risk for experiencing high levels of stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and more. Left unaddressed, these conditions can impact practitioners – both personally and professionally. That’s why this summer the College of Social Work Alumni Association (SWAA) is launching the Self-Care Summer Challenge!

Why Self-Care?

Why Self-Care

To actualize your goals – professional or otherwise – you must focus on your wellbeing. Self-care is an integral aspect of that wellbeing.

Burnout is real

Self-care is essential for preventing burnout, as it prioritizes well-being. Neglecting self-care leads to exhaustion, emotional depletion, and a higher risk of burnout, impacting productivity and life satisfaction.

Ethics require it

Practicing self-care is crucial to protect the people served. Prioritizing well-being helps maintain emotional resilience and the ability to provide high-quality care, ensuring ethical, compassionate, and effective actions, fostering a positive environment for those in need.

You are worth it

By investing in self-care, you reduce stress, boost productivity, and find more satisfaction in life, ultimately empowering you to lead a fulfilling and balanced life—a worthwhile investment in personal growth and happiness.

Self-Care Philosphy

Our Self-Care Philosophy is not about telling you what to do for your self-care.

Rather, we want to create a space for you to be motivated, inspired, and supported to engage in self-care activities that work for you.

Self-Care Summer Challenge

Accept the Challenge of Caring for YOU!

The Challenge will officially kick off on July 24th, which is International Self-Care Day!



Register using the form below.



Take a three-minute self-care screener.

Check In


Complete the self-care plan template.



Share your progress and encouragment with others.

Why should I participate?

Self-Care can be an effective strategy for preventing and assuaging the impacts of vicarious trauma, burnout, and stress, among other problematic conditions. If those reasons aren’t enough:

Participate for SWAG

Each day throughout the challenge we will select participants to recieve self-care swag.

Participate for SUPPORT

Become part of building community where you can support, and be supported.

Participate to SUSTAIN

Self-care is not an isolated event – it is an ongoing experience. Learn helpful tips to actualize your self-care experience.

Post pictures of you completing some of your goals, tag us, and use hashtag #SWSelfCareChallenge for the chance to win a prize!  

Registration period ends July 31 at 8:00AM.

Register today for the SWAA Self-Care Challenge!

Sorry, this challenge period has ended and is no longer taking registrations.

Registered and completed your screener? Fill out your self-care plan below

Don't know where to start with your self-care?

We can help with that!

Members of our Self-Care Lab Staff are available to share resources and offer insights that might be helpful to your self-care journey. If you have a question, submit it and we will be in touch.

Self-Care Resources

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