Episode 21 – Social Work Conversations – Helping Police Officers by Understanding Law Enforcement Culture with former officer, Ron Wyatt

Dr. Jones talks with former Police Officer Ron Wyatt about suicide in law enforcement, self-care for first responders, understanding police culture, and bringing rabid raccoons to justice. Resources: If you, or someone you know, are at risk for suicide, there … Read More

Episode 18 – Suicide Prevention with Veterans with Rebecca Willis-Nichols of the Lexington KY VA

Today Dr. Jones talks with Rebecca Willis-Nichols, Lexington VAMC Suicide Prevention Coordinator, about suicide prevention in veteran populations. What general understanding should we have about veterans and suicide? What is specific to the veteran population? What help is available? Bio: … Read More

Episode 15 – Erin Salomon on Postpartum Depression, Maternal Mental Health and the Baby Blues

From reality TV production to social worker, today’s guest Erin Salomon focuses on maternal mental health including postpartum depression in moms & dads, risk factors and how it is different from “the baby blues.”   Links and Support: Call the … Read More