Curriculum Overview

All social work classes in the core curriculum courses are taught on Fridays. Students design their individualized courses with the assistance of their advisor or the PhD Program Director.

Core Curriculum (29 credit hours)

All of the following courses in this section are required:

  • SW 781 Human Behavior & Change Theories in Social Work Practice
  • SW 782 Advanced Analysis of Social Welfare Problems
  • SW 783 Theory Development in the Social Work Profession
  • SW 772 Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • SW 770 Social Work Research I
  • SW 771 Social Work Research II
  • EPE 558
  • EPE 660
  • SW 785 Professional Seminar in Social Work (1 hr in each of 2 semesters)
  • SW 790 Seminar in Teaching and Learning

Individualized Plan of Study (15 credit hours)

  • SW 786 Doctoral Research Practicum
  • SW 787 Doctoral Teaching Practicum
  • Electives/Independent Study Combinations 


Students must complete an independent research product and write a dissertation. Students do this while registered for a minimum of 4 hours of dissertation credit hours (SW 767)