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Helping Your Child Make Healthy & Positive Choices: Talking To Teens & Preteens

Helping Your Child Make Healthy & Positive Choices: Talking to Teens & Preteens will teach foster and adoptive parents the importance of open and ongoing dialogue with their preteen or teen about the tough issues they will face throughout their adolescent years, with the goal being to help their child to begin making healthy choices early in life.  After completing this […]

Positive Ways to Deal with Stress

Explore ways to tackle and alleviate stress during the next installment of our Nurturing Parenting series. This training will be hosted via Zoom on Tuesday, May 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST. Attendees will learn how to: examine the meaning of stress identify ways adults create stress help adults and children reduce stress […]

KIN VIP Support Group With Merlin Jones-Smalley

Description This group will focus on the day to day issues involving relative and fictive kin care and will be a place where each member can find support, resources, ideas, and a place to belong as a Relative or Fictive Kin provider. This Group meeting will be welcoming guest speakers and discussing kinship group meetings. […]

The Five Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages introduces parents to the different love languages and discusses ways to use this information to strengthen partner/spouse relationships as well as relationships with children and teenagers.  Parents will learn to identify their own love language as well as the love language of family members and how knowing these specific love languages can […]

ASK-VIP LGBTQ+ Foster/Adoptive Parent Support Group

ASK-VIP LGBTQ+ Foster/Adoptive Parent Support Groups are specifically designed for foster/adoptive parents who identify as LGBTQ+ as well as foster/adoptive parents who are caring for children or teens who identify as LGBTQ+. The groups offer an opportunity to share experiences, questions, resources, and concerns in a safe and compassionate environment. These groups are led by […]

DCBS Quarterly Meeting

TRC training room 1500 Bull Lea Rd, Lexington, Ky

The DCBS / UK Quarterly Meeting will be next Wednesday, May 11 from 9am – 4pm.  We will meet in Lexington at the UK College of Social Work Training Resource Center, 1500 Bull Lea Road, in the Training Room (across the hall from the TRC offices). Agendas and quarterly reports for January – March 2022 […]

Attachment & Bonding With Your Foster & Adopted Child

Attachment & Bonding with your Foster & Adopted Child equips parents to enhance their relationship with foster/adopted children by teaching them the basics about bonding and attachment. This training also provides practical tips for promoting both bonding and attachment.  After completing this training, participants will be able to: Articulate attachment styles and challenges to attachment often faced […]


KIN VIP Building Healthy Family Relationships Group With Julie Johnson

Description This group will focus on the components of building healthy relationships with birth parents and extended family members. This can be a difficult area of relative and fictive kin care, but, it is an important one!  Navigating how to establish positive boundaries and develop healthy relationships with birth parents or extended family members of […]

Strategies To Remain Positive When Adopting

Strategies to Remain Positive When Adopting describes common behaviors that the child(ren) may exhibit as well as feelings adoptive parents may have during the adoption process, including grief and post-adoption depression. This training also provides strategies on how to cope with these emotions in a healthy way. After completing this training, participants will be able to: Recognize behaviors and emotions foster youth may exhibit associated […]

KIN VIP Support Group With Mary Jo Dendy

Description This group is an opportunity for kinship caregivers to come together to find support, community, and resources in the care of relative and fictive children. This group will focus on the day to day issues involving relative and fictive kin care and will be shaped by the identified needs of group participants. This Group […]

LCSW Clinical Supervision: Practicing With Intention And According To KY Law

Providing supervision for a therapist who is pursuing his or her LCSW can be both rewarding and challenging. At the end of this course, the participant will have increased knowledge of defining features associated with supervision, various theories and models of supervision; supervisory techniques, modalities, and approaches; legal and ethical requirements as specified in KRS.335; […]

Preventing Child Abuse: Types, Signs, And Symptoms

Preventing Child Abuse: Types, Signs & Symptoms will inform parents of the definition of child abuse and ways it can be prevented. It provides descriptions and statistics of different types of abuse and the signs and symptoms of each type of abuse. The training discusses the difference between discipline and punishment and strategies for abuse prevention. In addition, […]