A dedicated support network for kinship caregivers across the Commonwealth.

Connect One-on-One with a Kinship Peer Supporter

Kentucky Kinship Information, Navigation, and Support (KY-KINS) is an innovative one-on-one support network that matches kinship caregivers to certified peer supporters throughout the Commonwealth. KY-KINS is housed in the Kentucky Kinship Resource Center at the University of Kentucky and is provided in partnership with the Cabinet for Family and Health Services.

Our certified peer supporters have first-hand kinship care experience and have undergone extensive training to best meet the needs of the caregivers they support. In addition to emotional support, our peer supporters provide logistical support, such as helping kinship caregivers enroll in insurance, obtain financial support, and locate resources.

KY-KINS is provided at no cost and participation lasts as long as it is beneficial to the caregiver.

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Complete this brief form to learn more about the 

KY-KINS program, including information on how 

to apply and other available resources.

Find Support

Complete this brief form to learn more about the KY-KINS program, including information on how to apply and other available resources.

Every County. Every Caregiver.

Our innovative KY-KINS one-on-one peer support network is available to every kinship caregiver* in every Kentucky county at no cost.

Peer Support

KY-KINS certified peer supporters have first-hand kinship care experience and understand the very real challenges faced by caregivers.

Access to Resources

KY-KINS certified peer supporters can assist kinship caregivers in identifying and navigating resources such as insurance and financial support.

Do I Qualify?

The KY-KINS innovative one-on-one peer support network is open to kinship caregivers throughout Kentucky. To see if you qualify, complete our brief form.

*While KY-KINS is unable to work with kinship caregivers who are providing foster care services for their kinship child, the Foster Parent Mentor Program is available.

Certified Support

KY-KINS peer supporters undergo hours of intensive training before receiving their certification.

On the Go

Meet one-on-one with your certified peer supporter virtually.

No Cost

Our innovative support network is available at no cost.

No Commitment

End your peer support relationship at any time.

Save Time

Peer supporters can help you with logistical support in accessing available resources.


Meet one-on-one with your peer supporter as little as once per week.

“Raising a child costs the same whether you are a biological parent, foster parent, or kinship caregiver. Through KY-KINS, we can help kinship caregivers get the most out of the resources offered to them.”

Regina Henderson, KY-KINS Peer Supporter

“I’ve been a foster parent, but I’d never been in kinship. Foster parenting and kin are two totally different things. That is what led me to KY-KINS because I was completely lost. I was used to…all the things that we had to do as foster parents and then with kin, it was like I had to relearn my role.

The biggest impact was just to not feel alone, or that I was thrown into this role with nothing and had no idea what to do or how to do it…KY-KINS was like talking to an old friend.

– Nikki Allen, KY-KINS Participant


The Kentucky Kinship Resource Center provides several resources for kinship caregivers including live and on-demand virtual trainings, support groups, and more.

The Kentucky Kinship Resource Center and other affiliated programs are provided by the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. For additional details about our programs or the college, visit our website at