Foster Parent Mentor Program

It’s no secret…all transformation, growth, and development happen best within a positive ongoing relationship! The Foster Parent Mentor Program, in cooperation with the CHFS Department for Community Based Services, links newly approved DCBS foster and adoptive parents with a trained mentor for their first six months of service to bolster confidence and satisfaction as they adjust to their new roles and responsibilities.

The Foster Parent Mentor Program specializes in one-on-one, short-term, intensive coaching relationships, which provide newly approved foster parents emotional encouragement, skill reinforcement, and parenting strategies unique to providing out-of-home care to enhance the quality of care provided and stabilize placements.

You can expect your Mentor to…

  • Facilitate a conversation about expectations for the relationship
  • Connect by phone, email, text, or video call 3 – 4 times per month
  • Welcome your calls at anytime
  • Prepare you for what to expect at placement and beyond
  • Provide assistance with paperwork and policy questions
  • Share local resources, parenting tips, and how to navigate the child welfare system
  • Be there…to listen…guide…and encourage

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Currently the Foster Parent Mentor Program is available for DCBS Foster Parents only. Contact your Recruitment & Certification (R&C) Worker to inquire about becoming a mentor.

For Current Mentors and Mentees

Program Coordinators

  • Tamikia Dumas – The Lakes, Two Rivers, Salt River Trail, Jefferson service regions
  • Jeff Damron – Eastern Mountain, Northeastern, Northern Bluegrass, Southern Bluegrass, Cumberland service regions