Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn is an initiative sponsored by the Department for Community Based Services that supports current and former foster youth in boosting their earning potential through the completion of short-term training programs. 

Participants receive support in selecting a vocational program for a high-demand job that matches their skill set and interests. Participants are able to choose a program that can be completed in a year or less from the wide selection available through the Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems. 

Youth without a high school diploma are still able to participate in Earn and Learn with the Skills U program through KCTCS that allows students to earn a vocational certificate while working on their GED. 

Earn and Learn partners with Student Success Coaches at KCTCS to assist participants through the college enrollment and registration process. The tuition and mandatory fees to complete the vocational program are waived for the participants through the Tuition Waiver for Foster and Adopted Children. The program covers any other costs associated with pursuing the certificate including books, supplies, etc. 

The program provides participants with weekly wages while they pursue the credential. The participants also receive an abundance of support and guidance from their Student Success Coach and the Program Coordinator. This support is an integral part of the program and is instrumental in assisting the participants in successfully navigating life challenges and barriers that would traditionally derail their completion of a post-secondary program. 

Eligibility for the program includes current and former foster youth between the ages of 18 -23.

Questions? Contact Linda Smith at linda.smith@uky.edu.