The SWAA Alumni-Student Mentoring Program culminates its second year, advancing student futures 

From gaining career insights to forming lasting mentorship bonds with alumni professionals, explore firsthand accounts and reflections that highlight the program's impact on personal and professional growth.

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Lexington, KY (July 1, 2024) – The University of Kentucky’s College of Social Work (CoSW) recently celebrated the successful completion of its SWAA Spring 2024 Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering professional development and mentorship within the CoSW community.  

Launched in the fall of 2022, the College of Social Work Alumni Association (SWAA) created this program to help both students and alumni feel more connected to CoSW, as well as provide mentees with an opportunity to learn more about social work from an alumnus with experience and expertise in the field.  

Achieving significant success after the program’s first and second years, enthusiasm and commitment continues to expand for both mentors and mentees alike, creating lasting connections and valuable learning opportunities. 

The unique element of this program is that it bridges the gap between current students and alumni professionals. This initiative provides students with invaluable insights into the field of social work through one-on-one mentorship relationships with experienced alumni mentors, which can take the form of support, exploration, resource sharing, and most importantly, career guidance. 

Reflecting on the program’s impact, alumni mentor William Taylor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to students’ professional growth: “Seriously, thank you for your work in delivering this program. I enjoyed it in my role, and I hope that all of the mentees found it helpful as well.” 

E. Andrea Solheim, a student mentee, shared her appreciation for the program’s benefits: “Thank you for this wonderful program! I look forward to again being part of it next year.”  

Looking ahead, the SWAA Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is poised to continue its positive trajectory, with plans to expand its reach and impact in the coming years.  

By nurturing these mentorship connections, the program not only enriches the educational experience of students but also strengthens the bonds within the College of Social Work community. 

For over 85 years, the College of Social Work (CoSW) at the University of Kentucky has been a leader in education. Our mission is clear: Through rigorous research, excellence in instruction, and steadfast service, the CoSW works to improve the human condition. Always, in all ways.

As the state’s flagship university, our mission is actualized through our deeds. Our faculty are renowned academicians dedicated to fostering the development of high-quality practitioners and researchers. As a college, we promote community and individual well-being through translational research and scholarship, exemplary teaching, and vital community engagement. We are committed to the people and social institutions throughout Kentucky, the nation, and the world.