Kinship Catalogue

The Kinship Catalogue is an online collection of trainings and resources for kinship caregivers. The Catalogue is host to a monthly Webinar series conducted live via Zoom and features an hour-long professional presentation on topics important to kinship caregivers. Presentations are followed by a 30-minute Q & A session in which participants can pose questions to the presenter. Some webinar presentations are recorded (if permitted by the presenter) and posted on the Catalogue/Online Resources for caregivers to download and watch at any time. Additionally, many resources from the webinars, such as PowerPoints, may be available for download as well.

As the program grows, the Kinship Catalogue will be home to a variety of self-guided, web-based trainings on topics such as discipline, communication, and school supports. These trainings can be viewed and completed at any time.

An online library of additional downloadable resources, such as tip sheets and handouts, is also available.