KY-KINS Peer Support

KY-KINS is a 1-on-1 peer support program in which participants are matched with an experienced kinship provider who has undergone rigorous training. Caregivers meet their peer support provider virtually each week to discuss concerns and receive emotional support. Peer support providers can also provide logistical support, such as helping caregivers enroll in insurance, obtain financial support, or locate resources. While Peer Supporters are not counselors or therapists, they have a “lived experience” that allows them to understand and relate to kinship caregivers. Peer support is free of cost and lasts as long as the caregiver requests.


Incentives are available to caregivers who participate in the 1-on-1 peer support program. Each month, for the first 12 weeks of participation, caregivers will complete an online evaluation of the program. Following each online evaluation, the caregivers is eligible to receive a $50 check.