Adoption Support for Kentucky (ASK) seeks to strengthen families by reducing caregiver stress and increasing parental competence. ASK is an award-winning program that has been serving foster and adoptive parents for nearly two decades through adept peer-led support groups and training initiatives. ASK utilizes seasoned facilitators and trainers who have lived experiences with fostering and adopting. ASK support groups and trainings are available virtually. These services are expressly designed to meet the unique needs of caregivers in an inclusive, safe, and compassionate environment. 

ASK support groups are available to any of Kentucky’s foster, adoptive, and relative/fictive-kin caregivers. Specialized support groups are also available for LGBTQ+, transracial, and deaf & hard of hearing. ASK offers training on a variety of foster and adoption-related topics. Through the ASK Virtual Interaction Program (ASK-VIP), parents can join an array of support groups and trainings virtually. ASK-VIP training provides ongoing, elective training credit for foster parent participants. 


  • 2021 Adoption Excellence Award in the Child Welfare/Judicial Systemic Change category from the Children’s Bureau (ASK-VIP)
  • 2010 Adoption Excellence Award in the Support for Adoptive Families category from the Children’s Bureau (ASK)
  • 2010 North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) Parent Group of the Year award (ASK)