Welcome to Adoption Support for Kentucky (ASK)!  Foster parent, adoptive parent, relative or fictive kin—no matter your “title,” parenting can be challenging.  For this reason, I am thrilled to share about our program as you seek more information or resources to help you and your family thrive.   

For two decades, ASK has provided the quality training and support needed to help others successfully navigate parenthood.  We utilize support groups and trainings to provide pre and post adoptive support and services to families and help you connect with those who have shared experiences.  These groups and trainings are led by foster and/or adoptive parents, giving them a unique perspective to provide a supportive and engaging environment.   

ASK works in partnership with the Department for Community Based Services.  Over the years, the program has expanded to more than 45 training and support offerings each month.  Our trainings cover a wide range of topics such as child development, transracial adoption, and working with birth families to name a few.  These groups offer attendees a chance to share resources, suggestions, success stories, and frustrations in a confidential setting with others who have a similar unique family dynamic through fostering and adopting. 

Another way ASK strives to meet the needs of Kentucky families is through specialized support groups, which launched in 2020.  Research has shown improved outcomes from groups with attendee homophily.  Some of the current specialized groups we offer are LGBTQ+, Transracial Adoption, and Foster/Adoptive Caregiving for Children with Medically Complex Needs.  I am excited to witness the evolution of these specialized groups and expand on this portion of ASK. 

Whether you are attending an ASK training or support group for the first time or are a seasoned participant, I am confident you will leave feeling better prepared, supported, and encouraged for the journey ahead. 

Lauren Lynch

Lauren Lynch, M.A.
ASK Program Coordinator & Adoptive Parent