Organizational Structure

Although much talked about, a true research to practice pipeline is elusive in many instances. The innovative structure, and resulting multifarious collaborations, of the Training Resource Center (TRC) allow such a pipeline to not only exist, but to flourish. Research based interventions and best practices are put into the field almost immediately with the team of TRC researchers and program experts working alongside one another. State of the art, evidence-based trainings, interventions, and programming reach their intended audiences in weeks, not years, with this model.

To best facilitate this research to practice approach, the Training Resource Center is organized into offices and collaborative teams that work both within and across their respective domains and programs. Each office and team is conceptualized and implemented with strategic purpose to address the complex issues faced by today’s social work and behavioral health practioners. This unique structure allows arenas for researcher-practioner interaction and skill exchanges that do not occur in more traditional research structures. The result is a collaborative approach that is empowered to address the most complex issues in child welfare, behavioral health, and beyond.