The Ph.D. program in social work is designed to develop highly-skilled research scholars who will make meaningful contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Through small group seminars and hands-on collaboration with nationally and internationally renowned scholars, students are immersed in the important and challenging work of advancing the profession’s knowledge base. Our program provides graduates the knowledge and skills to become successful social work scholars and educators.

Our faculty members are affiliated with such prominent UK centers as:

Students work with faculty mentors within the college and university in such areas as health and mental health, substance abuse, international social work, social work education, child welfare, criminal justice, military social work, gerontology, suicidology, macro-level interventions, and others. To view our faculty, please visit the college directory.

Our graduates can be found across the country, conducting important research and educating the next generation of social workers.

See the recent listing of our students’ publications and presentations below: